381012 BD Insyte Autoguard 24G x 0.75" Shielded IV Catheter, Yellow 50/BX


381012 BD Insyte Autoguard 24G x 0.75" BC Pro Catheter 50/BX

With the integration of blood control technology, within this catheter, the risk of bloodbourne pathogens and blood exposure significantly diminishes. This catheter also assists in the minimization of blood spill clean-up costs and promotes efficiency.

  • 24G x 0.75"
  • Push-button shielding.
  • Instaflash needle.
  • Blood Control Technology.
  • Material: Vialon Biomaterial.
  • DEHP-Free.
  • Sterile.
  • Latex-Free.
  • 50/BX