• AT74635 - Cardinal Health™ Surgical Mask w/ Eyeshield ASTM Level 3 Pleated, Blue with Ties, Anti-Fog Foam Strip, 25/BX

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    AT74635 - Cardinal Health Surgical Mask w/Eyeshield Level 3 Pleated, Blue with Ties, Anti-Fog Foam Strip, 25/BX

    *Please note: The following product falls under the No Return policy unless authorized by Mera Medical Supplies

    Offers excellent protection for the side of the face and a contoured nose cut-out to help exhaled breath escape unobstructed through the mask.

    • Comfort: The inner layer is soft and nonabrasive to the skin.
    • Protection: Mask’s third layer minimizes particle dispersal.
    • Breathability: Its second layer deflects fluid without sacrificing breathability.
    • Distinction: Mask’s outer layer blue-green color lets you know the mask you are wearing provides comfort, protection and breathability.
    • Fluid Resistant
    • Fog-Free Foam
    • Anti-Glare strip
    • Wraparound Eyeshield
    • Tie-On-Mask
    • ASTM F2100-11
    • Bacterial filtration efficiency ≥98%
    • Sub-micron particulates filtration efficient at 0.1 micron ≥98%
    • Differential pressure, mm H20/cm2 (Breathability) <5.0
    • Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, minimum pressure in mm Hg for pass result 160 mm Hg
    • Flame spread Class 1
    • 25EA/BX