• BD405139 - BD Durasafe™ CSE Procedure Set with Whitacre Pencil Point Spinal Needle and Variable Extension Adaptor: 25G x 4 11/16" High-Flow Whitacre Spinal Needle, 17G x 3 1/2" Weiss Epidural Needle


    BD405139 - BD Durasafe™ CSE procedure set with Whitacre pencil point spinal needle and variable extension adaptor: 25G x 4 11/16" high-flow Whitacre spinal needle, 17G x 3 1/2" Weiss epidural needle (10/BX)

    BD Variable Extension CSE System

    • Variable extension adapter permits the spinal needle to lock at any extension (0-15 mm) distal to the epidural needle tip
    • Allows spinal needle to move freely through mechanism
    • The variable extension provides additional stability between the two procedural needles