BD405140 - 25G x 5" BD™ Long Length Whitacre Spinal Needle High-Flow Pencil Point Sterile Single Use Blue


BD405140 - 25G x 5"  BD™ long length Whitacre spinal needle. High-flow pencil point. Sterile, single use. Blue (10/BX)


  • Designed to spread the dural fibers and help reduce the occurrence of post dural puncture headache
  • High flow Whitacre needles improve flow rate and speed the return of CSF
  • Yields a distinct "pop" as the pencil point penetrates the dura
  • Offers increased "tip strength" to minimize bending or breakage
  • Precision-formed side hole enables directional flow of anesthetic and reduces the possibility of straddling the dura
  • Tracks straight when advancing through ligaments toward the dura
  • Unique translucent window hub allows for easy visualization of CSF