BD381444 - 18G x 1.16" BD Insyte Autoguard Shielded IV Catheter (1.3 mm x 30 mm) BD Vialon Biomaterial Green (Discontinued)


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BD381444 - 18G x 1.16" BD Insyte Autoguard shielded IV catheter (1.3 mm x 30 mm) made of BD Vialon biomaterial. Green (50/BX)

With the push of a button, the needle instantly retracts reducing the risk of accidental needlestick injuries.

BD Vialon, a unique proprietary biomaterial, has been proven to enhance clinical and economic outcomes.

  • Increases the ease of penetration
  • Reduces the risks of infiltration
  • Exhibits greater kink resistance
  • Reduces the risks of phlebitis up to 50%
  • Reduces IV restarts due to reduced complications
  • Increases indwelling time
  • Reduces the total IV therapy costs to use due to longer indwelling times

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